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XB-70 Valkyrie & F-104N Starfighter Artifacts Recovered 

The year 2018 was a great year for wreck chasing with many significant and historic crash sites explored especially in the Edwards AFB - Mojave Desert area. One crash site discovery stands out from the others because not only was history explored, history was made! The largest quantity of artifacts from the XB-70 Valkyrie and F-104N Starfighter mid-air crash on June 8th, 1966 were discovered and recovered since the accident more than 50 years ago. This story is about how they were found.

see attached article

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pdf XB-70 Valkyrie & F-104N Starfighter Artifacts Recovered.pdf (772.16 KB, 259 views)


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Thanks Dave.  Great story, and as usual, great coverage.  It is great that Sam chose to do "the right thing" for two reasons.  First, because there was (historical) debris that still remained.  Second, donating it to the museum, because from time to time XB-70 parts still show up for sale on ebay.  History has truly been further preserved.  Dennis 

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Great work on this one guys!

Sam should work for the National Reconnaissance Office...    It's such hard work trying to find those little shiny bits on Googlearth, which like you says turn out to be white quartz!  Ha

Sam deserved his victory dance.

Keep up the hard work.

Chris B.

PS -- what's an "E.O. Number" ?

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Thank you for your story, I am humbled. All the members on this board know what it's like to follow their passion when it comes to aviation archaeology. We have all spent countless hours researching and following leads to locate and document those elusive crash sites. The XB-70/F-104 debris field is something I thought about for many years. Since it was a mid-air I knew there still had to be undiscovered debris out there to be found. It was an exercise in patience to wait for the Google Earth imagery to reach a resolution that would allow an aerial search to be conducted. I made up my mind early on that anything I found would be given to the Edwards AFB Museum. I'm glad you and the gang had a good time and I hope we can do another adventure soon. So many wrecks, so little time!

Sam Parker

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Lol, sounds like someone's been doing the same thing I've been poking at a while.  Scanning the collision field.  Grats on the finds.

An E.O. Number is an Engineering Order, specifying a change to the base drawing of a part.


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Great find!

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Nice work guys, now how about the YB-49A?

Joe Idoni

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