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Hello all, 

Came across a wreck while hiking in Wyoming. I was bushwhacking with friends and came across the following wreckage, which seem to be of a small aircraft. As a former Navy Flight Engineer on the P-3 Orion, it was a somber moment coming across this wreckage and I instantly began to wonder more about what happened here. 

IMG_4599.jpg  IMG_4600.jpg 
Registration n9830x. Did some research and found this:


However the coordinates given are off. I've circeled where I found the wreckage. 

crash site map.png 

Try as I might, the only other info I've been able to find is the following news article:

crash news.png 
If any of you have any suggestions on where I could find further info it would be greatly appreciate it. I've tried news archives but haven't found anything. No further mention in this paper or a paper in Wyoming. Nothing regarding the pilot. 

Some photos of the hike:

IMG_4581.jpg  IMG_4582.jpg  IMG_4583.jpg  IMG_4584.jpg  IMG_4593.jpg  IMG_4601.jpg 


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The N number has been reissued. NTSB Accident reports only go back to about 1967. Your best bet would be newspaper.com website and search for more stories.  

PS. Wyoming wreck chaser- are you interested in locating a B-24 crash site for me? If so I can send you the accident report for B-24J 42-95559 crashed Jan 1, 1945. Location 20 miles south Casper Wyoming. It is in the hills. 
Aloha DaveT

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I did a little research, he was born in '28 served in Korea, was divorced, has two sons and a daughter and at least 4 grandkids. Found an article about when the located the crash.

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Wow amazing brad! Really makes me think when I can connect with history like this. How did you find the grave info?

Hi Dave, I don’t live in Wyoming but go almost every summer so feel free to msg me the accident report as perhaps I can check it out next year. Is it a undiscovered site?

I plan on contacting the local vfw or American legion to see if perhaps they are interested in some kind of marker or small memorial to place at this crash.

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Just curious, what is that big metal structure?


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On the maps its listen as a radio tower. From way down below on the highway its very hard to make out even with binoculars which made it mysterious to my friends and I. Almost looks like a building from down below. We passed it several times driving from Dubois to Jackson over the course of a summer so we eventually decided to get a closer look, parked our car, and bushwhacked up this plateou to check it out. There was no kind of machinery up there, just what you see in the photos. So I believe it might be bouncing signals off a transmitter that is located somewhere else. None of the locals I asked seemed to really know anything about it either other than a few that pointed out that official maps of the area labeled it a radio tower. I have more photos of it on my home computer I can uploaded later today when I finish work. 
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