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Struck out on my P-51 hunt but did find this weather balloon instrument.
Radiosonde Vaisala.

Quite different and newer than the older ones I have found in the past.

I was about 25 miles W of Luke AFB.  I wonder how far these things travel in the upper atmosphere??  

There was no remnants of the balloon at all.   And no markings about it's origin or where to return it.

Chris B.

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Interesting find. I would have looked at it and thought somebody threw away an old Walkman! LOL

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Cool find, I donated one to a school for their classroom research about weather. 
I guess they are disposable now, with no reward.
 They are suppose to fly higher than most jets. 

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My dad found a downed weather balloon and its telemetry package hanging from a tree while he was deer-hunting in Pennsylvania back in the 1970s.  At the time, the 18"X18" telemetry package bore a plate that asked the finder to take it to the post office, who would then return it postage-free to the originator.  My dad went a step further and included a letter telling where and when it was found.  To the day he died, dad was always disappointed that no one ever acknowledged his good-Samaritan efforts.

In 1987 I was leading an F-16 two-ship at 50,000' over France when we passed within about 1,000' of a weather balloon.  We'd been tracking the thing on radar for about 50 miles and were in no danger of hitting it.  We reported it to ATC, who had no idea it was there.  The balloon itself was huge and made for quite an impressive sight.  Wish I had a camera at the time, but photographic equipment in a single-seat airplane was unauthorized.  
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