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Old 276 was also referred to as “The Suicidal DC-3” …and for good reason!

In the past 60 years many stories have been told about the epoch DC-3. Some may have been exaggerated, but most relating to the reliability and durability of this famous aircraft were factual. The following many faceted story not only represents an era of flight that has long since faded into the annals of aviation history, it is also depicts the amazing character and charisma of the DC-3 aircraft developed by Douglas Aircraft Company. It specifically focuses on a particular DC-3, its history and eventual demise in a crash that took place on December 21, 1967.


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Wow, what a coincidence.  The story mentions a Larry Perkins who was an FAA safety inspector. When I was in the Army and stationed at Fort Benning Georgia there was a civilian flying club at the bases Lawson Field. This was late in 1967.  Larry Perkins was my primary flight instructor.  He taught me to fly in the club's Cessna 150. If I remember correctly, after he got out of the Army he went to work for Gottchaulks Flying Service in Modesto California.  Then he became an FAA inspector at the District office in Fresno California.  I lost track of him after that.  I wonder where he is now?
Don Jordan
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