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Trying to complete RA-5C Vigilante attrition and reports.  I am working off 6 or 7 book sources and internet.

I have been unable to verify the following losses…does anyone have info on these???  :

23 July 1973 Vigilante buno 156637?  Crashed off Pax River, MD (Chesapeake Bay), ejection by LtCmndr Hauck?  Inflight fire?  Crashed into Bay.    Cant find any newspaper articles.

19 June 1969 RA-5C 149287? Crashed near Albany, GA with RVAH-7, during war cruise work-up. Pilot attempted loop and lost control, crew killed?  Cmndr Barnes and Lt(jg) Hornick?   Cannot find any newspaper articles.

13 Dec 1971 buno 147858?, w/o unknown, near NAS Albany, GA     No info

1 March 1972 buno 156630?  DBR accident, Ejection? Lt Pigeon, Lt Bixler?, RVAH-1.  No newspaper articles.  Nothing.

3 Oct 1967, buno 149315?,  near NAS Sanford, FL.  Ejection.  Unknown.  LtCmndr Scruggs?   RVAH-3 (could be 156640?).   No info anywhere.

Chris B.


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A couple on the 3 Oct 67 loss.

RA-5 C Near KSC FL (Oak Hill) 3 Oct 1967 [Orlando Evening Star 4 Oct 6.jpg  RA-5 C Near KSC FL 3 Oct 1967 [The Tampa Times 4 Oct 67 pg 2].jpg 




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Thank you very much, Walt.

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