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Anyone recognize this F-100 crash?

From Air Scoop magazine, late '61.  (AF safety mag -- I got off Ebay)

Looks like a desert crash.

Maybe Nevada or Arizona, T/O or landing?   Looks like he ejected.

These AF safety mags always black out serial #'s, etc.    But of course, this one is burned off!

Chris B.

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Looks like soft dirt with tire tracks and lots of footsteps- could be in the desert or in a pasture, or, a farm field where the crash crew has obscured the crop rows.


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  I dont recognize that photo from from any crashes around here - And i have FOIAed at least 20 F100 crashes originating from nellis and probably been given the reports for 30 more.

  There was one i got the report for that glided in about a mile short of the runway.  It came to rest upright as this one did but it didnt burn.  Would have been the best crash site ever if it had not been so easy to recover [bawl]



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 There are posts in the lower left corner that don't seem to be part of a fence and are somewhat random. There also looks like a light angled up and out near the top of the right one (approach light?). The aircraft seems to be all there fairly un-bent, and the turkey feathers look closed so perhaps not in afterburner... landing accident? Also, the ammo bay cover is off. post-crash removal or cook-off? It looks a little neat to be a cook-off though so it might account for the footprints (EOD guys)
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