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In March 2018, a new all metal memorial was designed and constructed by me and dedicated at the crash site with a little help from a couple of my friends. 
The previous wood memorial was destroyed by termites and the desert weather. This is also mostly likely what happened to another memorial that was at the site years ago. 
The new marker consists of a galvanized steel pole cemented firmly into the ground with a thick steel plate helicopter silhouette  bolted to the pole using 15 aircraft grade bolts representing one bolt for each life lost in the accident. The silhouette is also engraved with the helicopter serial number, date of crash and call sign. Additionally, a through search was conducted of the area and several helicopter parts from the accident were found. The parts were embedded into the cement base of the pole. Note: the actual crash site impact point is behind the memorial and the bush/tree in the open area. 
This memorial will last a very long time. The Men deserve it. 
It was an honor to remember the men and may this memorial be a lasting tribute to their service and sacrafice.   These Things I Do...That Others May be Remembered
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My father's memory thanks you Dave.
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