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A story from my archives, just in time for Halloween!
This crash site is my all time favorite site for many reasons, this is just one of them. 

When an inquiring researcher went in search of an old aircraft crash
site (P2V-5 Neptune), he uncovered something unexpected and very unusual. This story cannot
be fully explained and it contains too many things that coincide with the
known facts to just be dismissed. This is a story where fiction meets fact.
If you're a hardened skeptic, bear with me. No ghost is going to show itself
to someone with a closed mind.

Read on if you dare...

A photo I took of ghostly orbs in the doorway of the NAS Barbers Point Chapel

ghost standing in the doorway of chapel.jpg  Crew memorial marker at night. two glowing eyes in the background darkness...
crew marker2.jpg 

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pdf The Passing, A Ghost Story updated Aug 2011.pdf (552.39 KB, 50 views)


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Thanks for that holiday tidbit.  

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