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Thanks to all in this post! I have been to the site years ago at the invitation of one of the landowners as my father was killed in this accident when I was 16 months old! The site was challenging with tons of growth so this was so cool to see it now! I have additional details and history and have emailed David! Most importantly, thanks to all for their respect and dignity as this is sacred grounds! I was so humbled and grateful for the flags and monument left by you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Best wishes to all and I hope I am able to get more information from all of you! I had the honor years ago to talk with the paramedic that parachuted to the crash site, there were actually 2 and the gentleman that spend the night had to fight off coyotes to protect the remains of the killed airman! I also got to talk with members of the Napa County Sheriffs who took horses to the site! 

Thanks, this is such an amazing experience for me....

Bruce Wayne Gustafson, son of Robert Wayne Gustafson

Bruce W Gustafson
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