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Looking for a PT-17 Stearman site in the desert.  Haven't found it yet...

Could this be biplane fabric?   Or is it just really thin fiberglass?

Was stiff but appeared to have been painted black or blue with maybe a yellow stripe.

Had an obvious, long bend or curve like maybe it could've come off a leading edge.

Couldn't tell if it was cotton linen with dope, just too old and weathered.

Found a pic of Irish aircraft (cotton) linen and a fragment of Richtofen's fabric.  But those are WWI.    Not sure what a fragment of vintage Stearman fabric would look like after being in the desert for 75 years.

This piece had been wind-blown into the middle of a large cholla cactus which had grown around it.  Maybe I was close to the site!

Chris B.

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Sure looks like fiberglass to me - but it's only a picture.  Do you have it?  Take a small sample and set fire to it.  Fiberglass will burn with a black smoke like plastic.  Dennis 

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You're probably right, Dennis.

Was just wishful thinking on my part. It was so thin and old..

Probably a fender off a dirt bike.

I've been to another PT-17 site and don't recall any fabric that had survived the elements.

I left it out there. After prying it out of the cactus and getting stabbed about 12 times by needles.
Was really wedged in there.

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