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It appears that spammers are getting more sophisticated. Currently the message board automatically denies access to bots and other forms of spam (yes, occassionally some do get through...) and it does a very good job of keeping the board clean. Also, Tony and Craig -- thank you both! -- keep a close eye on it as well as I often times don't have access to the board.

Today, it appears that a spammer or bot tried to hack a member's account and the web board's defense was to close that customer's account.

That was a big surprise to all involved. 

So, if for some reason your account mysteriously goes away, please try to rejoin using the same handle and a new password. If that won't work, please make some modification to your username and rejoin.

I apologize for this, but it is out of my control.

And thanks for your participation on the message board.

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Weird that this should come up. I was getting ready to message you about a similar issue. My office computer went down and our IT people flagged this site as one of the possible "virus threats." Just so you don't feel left out, they also flagged MY website as a threat!
I told them that I regulary visit both websites from my office computer which has the newest in technology/equipment/spyware/actual IT support - with apparently disasterous results, yet my private, home computer that was purchased in 2005 and has virtually 0 spyware/virus protection, and regularly visits the same two websites....works just fine! I built the website on my home computer!
As you can tell, I don't put much stock in my company's IT people, but I thought I'd pass along the info to you, not sure what you can do about it.
Hope everything works out.

Jeff Benya
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