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I was recently doing some research on WW2 accidents closest to my home and discovered the following incident:

Incident Date: 11/29/42
Pilot: Herbert Evans
Aircraft: P-40F
Was en route to Morris Field, Charlotte NC.  The incident occured 1 mi SE of Waxhaw NC.  The pilot BOW (Bailed out due to weather). 

The area would have been very rural at the time and the report doesn't state where the incident aircraft eventually impacted.  Being that the war was in full swing, would they have recovered the remains of the aircraft and would there be any record of the impact location?  Just curious if theres anything out there worth searching.


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Many "early in the war" wrecks were meticulously salvaged.  Still, others in remote areas may have been left behind.  Best bet is order a crash report from AAIR and see if it contains any additional information.  other tips may come from old newspaper archives.  A word of caution: just because a crash report or old newspaper article says a wreck was abandoned doesn't mean that scrappers didn't come along later and pilfer the crash site.  Many wrecks survived up to the '70s when aluminum prices went up and then they disappeared.  Keep us posted of any progress or other assistance you may need.  Dennis

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Thanks Dennis.
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