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Plane Crash Jan. 15, 1943 Interesting story with FDR connection

Link to more info: http://www.lassiecomehome.info/id8.html

Here is the report
430115  C-54 42-32939TWA  Washington, DC  KSFCR 5 Dally, Benjamin H. SUR  25 mi ENE of Paramaribe, Surinam, SUR 

Worst Air Disaster Kills 35" - NY Times Headlines Jan.22, 1943

Betsy Cowan and other relatives of the 35 passengers killed in what was at the time the worst air disaster in the Western Hemisphere need your help. A C-54 flown by a TWA crew under contract to the Air Transport Command, most likely on its way to the Casablanca Conference, crashed in the jungle 30 miles from Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana (now Suriname). Rumors of a bomb on board caused the pilot, Benjamin Hart Dally, to land in Trinidad and search the plane. A screwdriver was found in the hatch containing the IFF  device. No bomb was found. Two identical C-54 planes traveling just 1/2 hour before and after this plane noticed anti-aircraft fire coming from what appeared to be an enemy submarine. Consequently, security at US Bases worldwide was beefed up by Maj. Gen. Harold George immediately following this tragic disaster.

"Under great secrecy, FDR left Washington, in a Douglas C-54 two days before my grandfather. Reports are that Nazi submarines mistook Knight's C-54 for the one FDR was to be on. As it was, FDR switched planes at the last minute and took a Boeing 314 seaplane from Miami to Belem, Brazil to Dakar, West Africa. Word of the tragic crash was kept secret until FDR was safely back from the Casablanca Conference a week later."



We would like to hear from any relatives of those killed. We would appreciate information from any of those associated with Maj. Gen. Harold George's investigation, personnel who went to the crash site, or ground crew associated with Franklin Delano Roosevelt's leaving the United States Jan. 11, 1943 (Bolling Air Force Base). Persons associated with German Abwar or submarine activities around South America may have the information we need. ANY FORMER OR PRESENT FBI PERSONNEL COULD ESPECIALLY PROVIDE CRITICAL INFORMATION!


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More from Family member, INTERESTING STORY
"four different crash reports, one from a Canadian cousin. I have always thought it was shot down by a German sub. I had someone search German records to see if they took credit for the "kill" but they could not locate any evidence there. 
I gave the latitude & longitude to Dave Edhard who went to the crash site with Surinamese military escort before Judy & I visited in April of 2008. He took metal detectors & found plane parts, prop blades & personal items such as belt buckles. 
The plane blew up at @2,000 feet. A local fisherman heard the plane fly over the coast headed toward Brazil & then it came back - most likely headed for Atkinson Air Base. Then the explosion overhead. It probably had only 5 minutes to go to safely land. So if it suffered a hit from a sub, it was inland & had time to turn around. 
In one report it stated that only one body could be positively identified. Yes, it was my Grandfather. His wallet was in the back pocket - they found only his lower torso. In any case, there were 35 people on the plane and only one casket buried 7 years later in St. Louis. 
So, their final resting place is that serene pool of water in the swamps of Suriname. 
I have so much information - knew of the other two planes. There was no "mayday" heard from the plane by either of them. 
Still a mystery...
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