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Anybody been to this crash site?

The Red Baron, P-51D Mustang, NL7715C, original serial number 44-84961

Steve Hinton crashed in this plane in 1979.The engine failed at Reno and the props went to flat pitch,the plane dropped like a rock and went between two bolders that ripped off both wings.As he was going down,he said"Tell Karen I Love Her"to his wife.The fuselage was torn apart ,but Steve survived cut and bruised but was on TV taking to Jim McKay on Wide World of Sports one week later.

Fire on left is where Steve Hinton went between rocks that tore off th.jpg  3969892564_f87431d605_o.jpg


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This was a highly modified P-51 which I think Planes of Fame of Chino at the time dubbed it the RB-51. It had counter-rotating propellers and when the gearbox failed and seized, all six stationary blades created a giant air brake and down she went like a brick. Steve was very lucky that day. A few pieces of the RB-51 can be seen at Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA.

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I was there in 1979 speaking with Steve Hinton, then took this photo that Nick Veronico used in his Griffon-Powered Mustangs book while the Red Baron's engine and gearbox was being worked on, and then watched the crash during the next race. This might easily be the last photo ever taken of the Red Baron before the accident. That was quite a weekend! 

Dave McCurry

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