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Greetings. I must ask that if you're going to post photos to this site, please reduce the file size to 100kb or so. We just had some really cool Corsair and some underwater pics posted, but they were about 1MB each, which locked up the board.

I would prefer that you host your photos on our favorite Smugmug.com or Flickr.com and link to your photos from your post. I've gone through a few posts and deleted photos so the board will work again. If your photos have been removed, please host them off-site and link to them.

Out of respect for those who have perished in an aircraft accident and their families, please do not post photos of human remains. If you would like to share these photos with interested wreck chasers for research purposed, please use the private message feature or email them.

Also, and I don't mean to sound rude, but bandwidth costs money and I reserve the right to edit or delete posts that don't contribute to the subject matter, have profanity, attack another user, spread unfounded rumors/allegations, or are written to massage one's own ego. 
If you want to bicker, please do not do it here. In using this board you will find that the members are very helpful, are civilized, and know their subject. We are all thankful for everyone's generosity in sharing information and photos. If you're obscene, attack another user, or shill for some company I will remove your post.
This is a private forum and there is no right to "freedom of speech." Note that freedom of speech is only guaranteed when you are speaking about the U.S. government. That said, if a user persists in flaming someone or being argumentative all the time, I reserve the right to ban that person from the board and have done so in the past.
Also, I delete under-utilitzed posts from time-to-time to keep the board from going over its allotted size. In addition, answers to posts that provide no information and refer the reader to a weblink only will be deleted (this is typically seen when someone is shilling). If you want to buy an ad, please contact me.
Note that this message board is paid for by sales of my books, and new copies of Wreckchasing 101, Hidden Warbirds, and Hidden Warbirds II are now available. Please support the board by shopping for yourself or gifts for friends at http://www.pacaeropress.com or at Amazon.com by visiting my author page:

That said, I do appreciate your interest and use of the board.
Nick V.

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