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Experimenting with an old crash photo.

This was a nice 9X9 I bought off Ebay.

Worst air disaster at the time. 21 pax, 4 crew.

I thought it would leave more of an imprint on the landscape.  Might be a scar on the 2005 GoogleEarth image.   39°16'27.53"N  77°41'3.81"W

Interested in this only because it is close to where I grew up in Rockville.

Not sure I have it lined up right.

Accident report here:


My summary:

Enroute from Washington-Hoover Airport to Pittsburgh encountered localized, severe thunderstorm and lightning flashes and intense rain.  Struck ground exceeding 300 MPH at 30 degrees nose down with engines redlining/over-revving on a heading of 310 degrees.  No engine or structural failure. There was a short fire which was extinguished by the rain.  Though lightning did not strike the aircraft it was believed to have affected the plane or pilots.   Cause was turbulence and lightning (and probably wind shear) resulting in rapid descent and loss of control. 21 pax and 4 crew killed. No survivors. US Senator Ernest Lundeen of Minnesota was killed on board.

Wreckage thrown for 1,000 feet. Fuselage disintegrated. Crater was 6 feet deep.   Crash was 400 yards from Clarence Bishop house at edge of alfalfa field adjoining a cornfield, in a hollow by the edge of a cloverfield.  Not far from a blinker beacon atop a mountain (probably Short Hill Mtn or Loudon Beacon?)

Chris B.

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