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I actually did this hunt back on January 13th, but am just now posting it.
On July 5th, 1943, Captain Richard Kelly took off for a scheduled night formation flight from Dale Mabry Field near Tallahassee, Florida.  Moments later, he flew his P-47D, #42-222256 into the ground about 2 miles west of the field.
  I got this information straight from Tony Mirelles' book "Fatal Army Air Forces Accidents".  I compared Tony's information with a googlearth scan, and came up with a proposed search area (Actually, Bob W. had his hand in on it too).  I arrived at the search area and started to locate my GPS position to start the search.  I decided to step aside to "drain some coffee", and noticed a twisted piece of stringer laying on the ground.  There were fragments of aluminum all over the area, some on the surface, and some under a few inches of leaves and mulch.  Easiest hunt I ever had!  A couple of pieces had Republic inspection stamps on them.  I recovered a few pieces that I am going to try to have placed in either the Florida Museum of History in nearby Tallahassee, or in a small museum at Tallahassee Airport, which is near where Dale Mabry Field used to be.
  Of note: 9 minutes after Kelly's crash, his wingman, 1st Lt Stillman Peck, flew P-47C # 41-6119 into the ground a couple of miles north of Kelly's crash site.  There had also been 2 similar crashes in the same area in January of '43, A B-25C and another P-47C.  Dennis 

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Dennis, Is that area in the corner tip of the Bremuda triangle? Otherwise it must be the giant magnets underground.
of course it could just be that the area was near an air base, but that makes too much sense... 
Good job on finding the site.

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Did either museum have any interest? Even though I haven't lived in the area since 1998, I've been collecting Dale Mabry AAF stuff for quite a while now: http://smg.photobucket.com/user/willysmb44/library/Dale%20Mabry%20Field
It never occured to me that any debris would be left over from any of the crashes immediately adjacent to the field itself, but '2 miles west' of the field itself can put one into some serious swampy territory depending on which direction you're going. The area is very built up now in some places, and I bet some crash sites are now people's back yards or concrete fllors of buildings.


Primarily interested in the 91st BG and Dale Mabry AAF, Tallahassee, Florida during WW2...

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Good to have a few that work out like that every now and then, especially after all the hard ones!
Craig AAIR, Aviation Archaeological Investigation and Research http://www.aviationarchaeology.com

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And now we have another "Florida Jug" that has turned up in the waters off Venice, Florida.  http:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jdgN-5H5BY  Rough shape.  Dennis
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