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This picture is of a P-3 that had a single decoupled runaway prop. The crew is very lucky to be alive.

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Mike Fiorini


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Hello all

We witnessed this plane flying directly over our house 1/4 mile west from St Marys lake. We were having a small cook out / get together when the aircraft appeared. It was heading North East, flying low.....Around 1,000 ft. and it sounded bad.
Our home was located on 20acres, parallel to Halbert Rd, and our property was 1/2 mile long. My dad flew aircraft and we had a grass strip almost the entire 1/2 mile length of the property & over the years he kept his planes there.
Best we could tell, the plane appeared to be coming from the WK Kellogg airport area, diagonally across our place heading straight towards M-66 / White Rabbit Rd.

Dad knew it was coming down before it got out of sight and several of us jumped in the car & gave chase. Being a young kid they made me wait in the car while they checked it out, which was a good call according to my brother.

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I just visited the site the first week of June. Just a plowed field now.
Mike Fiorini

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Hello Gary,
I just saw your new message posted to the “wreck chasing message board.” Dave Trojan presented his final report of his reinvestigation of the July 4th crash
to a group at Moffett Field in early February. However, he hasn’t posted it to the site
as he said he would do.
I am the sister of the pilot.
Dave and I had been communicating about his project through emails, but ,since April, I haven’t been able to reach him after several attempts. Obviously, there is no one more interested in hearing his findings than me.
Perhaps he is ill...
If you have any further information of how to reach him or about his report ,I would
appreciate hearing back from you.

Thank you very much,
Nadine Xiques Yurko (naxy21@hotmail.com)

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I have tried to reach Dave as well; I was among the first on the hill on that 4th of July  and have continued interest in the report. I too wish it would be posted Ted Hartson

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FYI As I understand it, Dave is in Europe where his wife is stationed in the military.  He does seem to check in here and there, but I don't think he is able to hit all threads.  Dennis
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