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Prior post.... Utah B-24 aircraft... as discovered:

Additional information to elaborate on that post

...Aircraft (when located) had no human remains, no pax, no food, no water, no clothing or personal equipment on board, no parachutes , no adverse weather factor, no oil, no fuel, no fire, available military field within sight, Nordon bomb sight missing, 50 cal. ammunition missing, two machine guns missing, night crash was not observed or reported by any person.  

...No search was ever made for the airplane or the crew members. 

The crashed aircraft was quickly destroyed by dynamite by Army ordnance and all evidence of the airplane was salvaged under close supervision. 

I located the site on 13 November, verified the serial number from excavated instrument panel ID numbers--via the Smithsonian inventory and USAF History centers.  

Local presumption is that the airplane was stolen by fifth column workers at General Dynamics in San Diego California, evaded pursuit fighters by flying over water to return via the Farallon Islands to the Nevada desert, in an effort to elude the FBI.  Presumed they were found and perpetrators were executed?  

Quite a story behind this one, both real and imaginary.  Well worth my years of searching

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