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Hello all, I had been reading about the Cuyapaipe Mountain DC3 crashes for decades and had always wanted to get there before all the interesting airplane parts were gone.

I had been around Thing Valley Ranch since the early 1980's (before internet) and nobody there seemed to know or care about any Cuyapaipe airplane crashes.  Before the last time I tried to find the crashes in 2003 I repeatedly tried to find (via internet) anyone wanting to hike Cuyapaipe Mountain to find the WAL flight 44 Dec. 31, 1946 wreckage with me, and repeatedly tried to find any accurate internet maps/personal hiking accounts to Cuyapaipe Mountain from Laguna Mtn. Road - but even though there were very many personally drawn/described trails via internet - all were to no avail.

FYI - I also tried emailing that
Cuyapaipe Tribe 'contact -Michael Gargia' (mikeepa@cts.com) many times to no avail up until 2003.

The last I was camping up on Mt. Laguna I set out on foot early one morning in 110+ degree sun, with lots of internet hiking maps/descriptions/instruction to
Cuyapaipe Mtn, and relentlessly tried to access the place but found nothing but dead-end roads (where published road/trails were supposed to exist) and after hiking 6-8 miles cross-country I finally turned back at 7 pm with cuts all over my body & clothes with no success.

How did anyone access
Cuyapaipe Mountain (the WAL flight 44 crash site)?, and why only 'now' is there such a great interest in the 1940's Cuyapaipe crashes?  Lastly, when would somebody (a civilian) have to find such crashes before much of the old airplane debris were scavenged? (In the case of the two 1946 Cuyapaipe Mtn. crashes - was most of that probably scavenged in the late 1940's/1950's?)

I would appreciate any kind replies, especially with any URL's with photos - thanks!

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I've been to the 12/24/46 western airlines site just recently, we had to get permission to go through private land and from the Indian reservation that the site is on. There is still lots of pieces up there but most of the aluminum has been scrapped. I'm now trying to pinpoint the American Airlines Flight 6-103 on Thing Mountain, anybody have any info on the location of this site please contact me at Elkhunterlarry24@yahoo.com. I am a tribal member of Manzanita reservation so I've got access through there to get to the site if need be. Thank you for the help

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I now know where flight 6-103 is located it’s a micro site another scrap job
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