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Okay, so last weekend a (alleged) M122 "Flash bomb" turned up on St Pete Beach.  After a bunch of hoopla, the EOD people blew it up.  Now, the story is that the 100 pound "WWII bomb" washed up on the beach.  Yeah, right.  I am close to calling B.S. on this story.
What I know is the beach is also known as "Pass a Grille" beach.  I also know that on 4-26-43 a Douglas A-24A had an engine failure "crash" there (Pass a Grille) that was non-fatal, but caused level 4 damage to the aircraft.  Has me wondering if this might be where the bomb came from. 
Over the years we've had bombs turn up at Ft Desoto / Mullet Key Beach - it was a bomb range, and a few miles south of Pass a Grille.  And we've had bombs turn up at Bellaire Beach, which was also a bomb and gunnery range (well north of Pass a Grille).  This is the first I have heard of a bomb on Pass a Grille, and I seriously doubt the theory of a 100 LB pound "washing up" on a beach.  Dennis

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  I don't think they really meant to say that it washed up on the beach.  It sounds like it has been there all along, but was recently uncovered by surf.  I have found three 100 pound bombs out here on our range.  EOD came out and detonated all three.  I don't necessarily go out there looking for bombs.  I find them by accident.  There is an historic 20 Mule Team trail that goes right through the middle of the range.  I have been searching on the trail for 10 years now looking for relics from the old days.  There are all kinds of recreational vehicles going over the area.  One live bomb that I found was within 10 feet of a well traveled dirt road.  The routine has always been the same.  A few sticks of C4, and up she goes.  They use to come out and fill in the crater.  But they don't even do that anymore.  I've learned to be very careful when poking around out there.

Don Jordan
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