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Lodestar 18-2248 went missing while on approach to Vancouver Canada 28 APR 1947 opertated by Trans Canada Air Lines. The wreckage was found September 27th, 1994 in a remote area just west of Mount Elsay on a wooded slope 16 km (10 mls) N of Vancouver, BC. location is listed as
N 49 24.34' W 122 56.84'
This must be one of the oldest found aircraft.
Anyone have pictures of the crash site? Anyone going to Vancouver?

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I remember this one - it's like 10 miles from the Vancouver airport! No human remains were found. From the distribution of wreckage, it appeared to have been in a spin on impact.  Icing was suspected.

The main wreckage was removed by helicopter, chartered by Air Canada (the succesor company to TCA.)  Some museum ended up with it, I can't remember the name right now; I think they have since closed. There is a crash memorial below the accident site, which I believe has been cleaned up pretty well. Russ Farris


Pre-accident photo:



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The recovered parts of the airframe went to the Canadian Museum of Flight. http://www.canadianflight.org.

I've been volunteering with the CMF for the past 18 years or so and remember when that airplane was discovered.  Parts from the wreckage went towards the restoration of our Lockheed 18-08 Lodestar (CF-TCY).  I think the main components used from the crash site were the engines and some parts of the tailplane. http://www.canadianflight.org/content/lockheed-lodestar

Also, you may be mistaken as our museum is alive and well. In 1996 the CMF moved from Crescent Beach, BC to Langley, BC and the Lodestar was moved to Delta Heritage Airpark to serve as gate guard.  Recently it was removed from display and transported to Abbotsford for cosmetic restoration by the students of the aerospace program at the University of the Fraser Valley.

I hope that helps.



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David - I'm very happy to hear I was wrong about the closing part; obviously I confused that with the move.  I'm glad parts of the Lodestar live on in TCY, best of luck - Russ Farris


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Does anyone have any websites or information about trails or hiking conditions or ways of reaching this site? is it very accessible?

I've been to the rock in Lynn Valley Park that points to its location and that's how I found out about this wreck.

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My bf is the hiker who found the wreckage originally in 1992, but the young men failed to mention it to anyone for 2 years. Today, we are looking for the negatives from his hike and will share once we print up the pictures.
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