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If any European wreckchasers have access to the Fold3 US military records site I ran across some info that might be of interest to them.

In the Fold3 directory [World War II / Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII / [Blank] ] there are two subdirectories at the top:

Note: "[Blank]" is a titled folder at the bottom of the year list in "Missing Air Crew Reports, WWII"

4 Sept 1939-31 Dec 1942 -
List of allied aircraft reported crashed in Axis occupied territory over the listed date span.  Date, Type, and location (to varying accuracy)  56 pages, about 15 A/C per page of entries transcribed from German records.  (in English)

30 Dec 1943- June 1944 - Salvage reports of crashed allied aircraft in France and Belgium by local German controlled authorities.  69 pages, about 2 pages per A/C.  (in English)


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