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Metal detector might not work on this site . . .

Rubber X-plane.   

Designed to be air dropped in a container.  Could then be inflated with it's motor and flown out.

Army Lt. Wallace "Pug" Wallace was killed attempting to bail out of one by Wingfoot Lake, Akron, Ohio on 6 June 1959.

Looks like another one crashed earlier in '59 with a Goodyear test pilot but he bailed safe.

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I am sure all of the 'Veteran' wreck chasers already know this, but goodyear also made the aluminum wheels for the F15 and the F4.  Then add all the rubber they sold to the USAF, USN and USMC ... That would have been a dam good company to own stock in during the vietnam era !  

  Just looked through some pictures and remembered they made the wheels for the B25 as well.

  Does anybody know any other types of aircraft that goodyear made the hubs for?

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I wonder how stiff the inflatoplane structure was.

I know Goodyear made wheels and brakes for corsairs and hellcats, also don’t forget they were producing corsairs.


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An inflatable plane made of rubber...Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong?  I wonder whatever happened to the program.


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I remember the hoopla in Popular Mechanics magazine back in the '60s.  Theoretically, they could drop this in a clearing near a downed pilot.  The pilot could then find it, inflate it, and fly out to freedom.  Great in theory, but...  IIRC, there was a similar idea a few years back using a collapsible ultralight.
I also remember an inflatoplane being for sale on ebay not too long ago.  Dennis
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