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The Sahauro Ranch area of Glendale, Arizona is now a city park.  It's surrounded by relatively recent housing, a community college, the main post office and some other buildings.  It's also on a fairly direct path from the former Thunderbird Field, which is two miles away to the north.  Ten miles to the west is Luke AFB.  The old Glendale Airport was about four miles west. 

From time to time, people find oddball things in the vicinity.  I don't have any descriptions of what the things are, just "hey, I found a shard of aluminum when I dug for irrigation, but I threw it away."  Does anyone know of reported wrecks in this general area? 

I'm new to the board so please forgive my errors.  Thanks.

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That's interesting if they found some airplane pieces.   Wouldn't surprise me if there is a wreck around there.

If you search Craig Fuller's accident database here:


For the Location type in "Thunderbird Field" or "Glendale" or "Luke Field", you'll see there are hundreds.   You might ignore most action codes "LAC" which are landing accidents and are probably on the airfield...

For that area it's more than likely going to be Stearman, AT-6 or P-40.  Find a piece with a part number on it!

Chris Baird

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I looked at an aerial photo from the late-60's and that area was still mostly farm fields (as I'm sure you know).

I think I have the right part circled.  You can see the Sun City Country Club fairways to the west.

You could check the NTSB accident database as well but it only goes back to 1962.


Chris B.


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