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  I hope this is a clue to the George Cogar, Mel Melissen missing mystery.   I looked at both possible routes and how I would have flown to Smithers, but to me the inland route seemed to have the most potential.  So I’m calling this route the Knights Inlet, Success lakes, Talchako River, Stuie route.  First I will state I have never flown an Islander and have only flown a GA aircraft in B.C. on one occasion.  That said, I learned to fly in the mountains and I’m a glider CFI with lots of time soaring ridges and mountains.  This route to me is what a seasoned pilot would fly knowing the Islanders service ceiling and single engine performance.  A late summer day with no forecast of moderate/severe turbulence would mean this is a reasonable route.  The positives are shortest distance, quicker passage through the mountains, no low ceilings like the coast, more roads (some logging) and low altitudes flowing river valleys.  The negatives are if you fly to low 180° turn become a problem, Success Lakes pass is 5100 feet and a box canyon if you are not careful, the Islanders single engine service ceiling is not much more than 5100 feet, and the large glacier can cause strong downdrafts. 

  Contrast is the key word.  Definition: the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.  I’m going to post 6 photos with one being the actual aircraft C-GIPF.  The first 3 photos show the object’s contrast to its surroundings.  The next two show what might be the cockpits spit, 2 piece windshield, and an object that might be RH gear leg(check C-GIPF photo black gear leg).   I didn’t circle it, but engine 1 nacelle might to the left of the cockpit.  I think the sun angle precludes the gear leg from being a shadow, but there are a lot of shadows all around.    In aviation the story is that if you are going to fail and fail dramatically it will happen when you are the most vulnerable!    Cogar 1.jpg  Cogar 2.jpg  Cogar 3.jpg  cogar 5.jpg  cogar 6.jpg  Cogar C-GIPF.jpg 

 I don’t have any information on known aircraft wrecks in this area.  I’m hoping there are knowledgeable people on this forum that might have that information.    The lat/longs are 51°57’58.61” N  125°52’32.07” W. 


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I spotted the object in the first photo. It does not look natural and I agree it could be plane wreck. The only way to be sure is to overfly the site and obtain better photos. Perhaps enlisting local help.  
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