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F-86A-7NA s/n 49-1221 and F-86A 48-0160:
On March 17, 1956, four aircraft took off at approximately 1pm on a local aerial gunnery mission . . . only two returned.

F-86A Sabre 49-1221, of 115th FIS CA (Van Nuys) ANG, was lost after a mid-air collision with fellow F-86A, s/n 48-160.  The accident occurred on the bombing range a few miles south of Colfred, AZ, during an aerial gunnery training mission (attacks on a towed target) from Yuma AFB.  The pilots of both fighters were killed;  1/Lt William Clark Modes (aircraft 49-1221) and Capt. William O’Wesney (aircraft 48-160). 

Report excerpt: “Both aircraft exploded at the time of the collision and wreckage was scattered over approximately ten square miles.”

wreckage still remains on the Berry Goldwater Range
Found photos of F-86A-48-0160, one of the aircraft involved

F-86 CA ANG 196th FIS.jpg 
48-160, one of the aircraft involved in the fatal midair.jpg  sn 48-154 and 48-160 115th FIS CALIF-ANG in midair collision with F-86.jpg 
DSCN8304 - Copy.jpg

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