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I visited an F-4 site in southern Nevada this past weekend and noted a repair on the left wing (which is fairly intact). 

Based on input form the Thunderpig, the aircraft may be 66-0282.

The repair looks to be a patch applied to the top side of the wing, octagonal in shape, and is made of 1/8 inch thick aluminum.  The repair was applied after the most recent paint job and remains unpainted.  The shape of the repair piece is irregular, and the rivet lines are wavy, denoting hand fitted work.  The piece is about 4 inches across.

There is no corresponding repair or observable damage on the underside of the wing, so I don't think something passed through the wing.  I had wondered if something passed through the wing (i.e. battle damage from SEA).

I know we have some people on the forum who are experienced with aircraft maintenance.  Is this typical of repair for fatigue? puncture? or other type of damage?

It is outboard of the wing folding hinge.  Does the F-4 have a wet wing - outboard of the hinge?

Your  thoughts are welcomed.
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Just a WAG on my part but it looks like what we would call a scab patch over a possible puncture or maybe a crack.
The outer wing does not hold fuel.

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I agree that the patch most likely covered a puncture. Something was most likely dropped on it.  

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I would say a crack along the rivet line. Just my educated guess, as I was an aircraft sheet metal mechanic for 28 years.
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