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Sad that she couldn't stop the thing... (drag chute failure maybe?)

This used to be F-104A 56-763.




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Very sad to see that.  Any story on how that transitioned from F104 to car?  Was it "surplused" flyable?  Dennis

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RIP Ms. Combs.


It does not look like it was surplussed in flyable condition.  Photo below shows the starting point for the car build.  The engine they used was a variant of the J-79 used for industrial power applications.  A description of the car build can be found here https://www.landspeed.com/stories/project-updates/may-4-2019/ 

The plane also had a very distinguished roster of pilots - including Engle, Crossfield, Dana, Adams, Walker and others from Dryden in the 1960's.  (See second Photo)

i read somewhere that it was used as a chase plane for the X-15 - but I can't find the reference right now.

North American Eagle.jpg



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I salute Jessi Combs.  She was fearless.  I hope she saw it break 500MPH with a smile on her face.

I think they retained the ejection seat but it was de-activated.   It also had some kind of magnetic brakes.

763 was in Chuck Yeager's log book as well.

It was used as a chase plane with the X-15.   Was designated NF-104 but never got the rocket engine.  I don't know why it was bailed to Northrop and Convair, probably as a chase plane at Edwards.  It was used by a private company (Consolidated Aircraft in Calif) for awhile as a template to make spare parts for European F-104s.

Attached is a photo I bought a long time ago of 763 when it was with G.E. Flight Test.  Had nose art of "Queenie II" (hard to make out in the picture).

Also the Record Card.

Chris B.

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Click image for larger version - Name: 56-0763 F-104A Queenie II GE Flight Test Center Edwards AFB Chris Bair.jpg, Views: 8, Size: 320.27 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: F-104A 56-763 Card.jpg, Views: 5, Size: 112.90 KB  Click image for larger version - Name: Queenie II.jpg, Views: 4, Size: 216.17 KB 

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