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"Maybe you found the remains of a ground based radar target simulator"

  I know what you are talking about but it cant be that.  Agreed most parts do appear to be electronics or from a radar, but the insulation was from the cartridge start canister for an F4, and the cable harness part number traces back to a J79 engine.  Plus there is evidence of a fire.

  But i do thank you for helping us try to figure this one out.

  Yesterday shin provided me with a list of 4 possible F4 mishaps that might fit this crash site.  Events that we have conflicting information on. 

  Today i spoke with the guy who runs the safety center at kirtland and he is going to run the 4 S/N in question and see if they are real events. 

  If you look at the part i have circled below it might be that triangular piece i found ... Or i might be trying to make it into that part in my head.  You be the judge ...
AN APQ 72 RADAR F4D 65-0749 Edited.jpg 


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We went back to the site for wide area search.
And found few aircraft pieces on the ground, but no crash site.

We thought the parts were came from F-4, but turned out it came from F-111 !
20200121_115330.jpg  F111Spoiler.jpg 
The parts number in the pic is showing that it was a part of outboard spoiler of F-111.

So, we got F-4 and F-111 parts in less than 1/4 mile, but couldn't find the crash site in half square mile.

Anyway, I kept searching the dry lake shore with using metal detector.
I noticed there are many small aircraft parts along the shore, but it was blended with the rocks and hard to see.
Metal detector worked really fine on this search and I could pick up hundreds of small piece of metals including data plate !
I think this solved the "Mystery Crash Site" topic from several years ago.
It was Cessna 206.

Yet, F-4 & F-111 crash site is Mystery...


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  Hey good job man your persistence paid off!

  Given the size of that lakebed and the area those little fragments are spread out along [ Maybe a mile long by 100 yards wide? ] Incredible that you would be able to find that little data plate.

  In the picture its hard to read those numbers on the plate.  If you can make them out and post them on this board maybe we can find out more about this event.

  Thanks -

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This is the original size of the pic (I had enhanced and cropped the image due to max upload size)

Since it has rusted the serial number part is really hard to read.
The first 3 letters are "U20" and last 2 letter maybe "54".
There are 3 letters in the middle that I can't read.
Is there good way to take those rust without harming the plate?

The crashed parts were really spread over South West side of the Lake.
I checked about 2 miles along the shore and even on the island.
Most of the parts were found on SW side of the shore, but I could find some parts on island and SE side of the shore.
I guess water/ice with strong winds moved those to the shore, but still I could find few pieces on the lake bed too.

Finding the data plate was really lucky.
It was super windy and it got really chilly...and I was about to quit searching in 100 yard.


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I put it in CLR and scrabed with rust eraser.
The number comes out!
The serial number is U20-0541(or U20-0544)
And another number (which I don't know what it is) at the bottom is 330733

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Cessna Super Skywagon U206.  Serial U206-0541 (or 544) makes it a 1966 built aircraft according to http://www.seabee.info/noah/cessna_206.htm.

U206ASuper Skywagon1966U206-0438 thru U206-0656*

 A copy of the 1975 civil registry does not have serials U206-0541 or 0544 listed so they either were never given US registry or were delisted by '75.


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  Thanks for looking that up / posting.

  Those newspaper stories you posed on the "Mystery crash site" post were from 1971.

  Makes sense to me that they would be de-listed by 1975 if the plane was destroyed in 1971.


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Thanks Walt

I found U206-0541 on PDF file that dated Nov 11, 2014.

It looks like price list of used car/aircraft/boat in Costa Rica.
This aircraft is listed as serial number 206-0541 as model "Super Skywagon".

But, also it was listed as built in 1970 model U206E.
U206E was actually built in 1970, but it is "Skywagon 206" and not "Super Skywagon"

So, either information was wrong, but if they had listed the right serial number and model name, this was U206A-0541 Super Skywagon.
The sales price was 5,640,000 Costa Rican Colon. (about 10,000 US Dollars).

Anyway, if this information was right, U206A-0541 was exist on year 2014.
And that means this crashed aircraft serial number was U206A-0544

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