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"Maybe you found the remains of a ground based radar target simulator"

  I know what you are talking about but it cant be that.  Agreed most parts do appear to be electronics or from a radar, but the insulation was from the cartridge start canister for an F4, and the cable harness part number traces back to a J79 engine.  Plus there is evidence of a fire.

  But i do thank you for helping us try to figure this one out.

  Yesterday shin provided me with a list of 4 possible F4 mishaps that might fit this crash site.  Events that we have conflicting information on. 

  Today i spoke with the guy who runs the safety center at kirtland and he is going to run the 4 S/N in question and see if they are real events. 

  If you look at the part i have circled below it might be that triangular piece i found ... Or i might be trying to make it into that part in my head.  You be the judge ...
AN APQ 72 RADAR F4D 65-0749 Edited.jpg 

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