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Hi, everyone.

Today, I went to Delamar Dry Lake (about 80 miles North of Las Vegas, NV) for hoping to locate the F-100A (53-1567).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the crash site, but on my way back to the car, I accidentally found some air plane crash parts.

It was about a mile from where I was originally expected F-100A crash site, yet its in the same area.

I walked around the area for 20 min and found about 15 pcs of small metal pieces.

Its all finger size through palm size.
Some metal was melted from the heat.
So, it must had crashed and burnt.

And there was no stamps but I found one markings that is "071-606-197 HA 6061"
(it was on the metal pieces of 2nd pic)

Do you think those are from F-100?
I also know there was F-111 crash somewhere on this Dry Lake.
Is it possible from F-111?

What do you think?

20191119_092540.jpg  20191119_092910.jpg  20191119_093309.jpg  20191119_095213.jpg  20191119_095921.jpg  20191119_100838.jpg  20191119_100847.jpg 



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The F-100 had large glass lenses for its position lights blended into its wingtips and that's a pretty good sized piece of green glass you found. Its thickness and curvature seem to be from something fairly large
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The white plastic thing is a countermeasures flare (F-16 or F-15). MJU-7A/B
It's the "S&I" or Safe & Initiator fitting into the bottom of the rectangular flare body.

The first piece has a circular cut-out to save weight.  Like for a wing rib or spar.  Or maybe flap rib, something like that?

I wonder if HA 6061 is the just the aluminum alloy 

Chris B.

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  Regarding the safe / initiator you found those are all over down here.  I have found a thousand of them.

  I think i have posted these photos before, but as this is a new subject, i found an intact flare a few years back.  You can see the outline of the safe / initiator in the first pic.

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