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NatGeo (Ballard) show this Sunday, Oct 20.

Not sure if it's his full expedition or a continuing series.



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Just saw today where some clown (doctor of some kind) down here in Tampa is putting pieces of her skill together and DNA testing it (maybe - call me skeptical).  Dennis

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It looks like The New York Times has stolen Robert Ballard's thunder.  They ran an article today stating that Ballard found hats, soda cans and other junk on the ocean floor around Nikumaroro Island, but no airplane parts, and especially no Electra!  He has finally put the Nikumaroro Island "Hypothesis" to rest.  I guess Rick is going to have to find a real job now.  I was planning on watching the show when it came on.  But not now.  I know the outcome. To Robert Ballard's credit, he did say that he will continue to search the ocean floor in the area around the Phoenix Islands.  I was just surprised that he signed on to the Nikumaroro theory in the first place.  But I'm glad he did.  If that airplane was there, he would have been the one to find it.

I find it strange that the Times would run that story before the show aired.

Don Jordan

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For those of you who will watch the show, I'll can tell you right now that it will be all sizzle, but no steak.
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