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  Found this at an F15A crash site yesterday.  Looks to be a small rocket motor.  I believe it to be part of the ejection seat, which for this aircraft should have been an ESCAPAC.  The problem is i have found an intact ESCAPAC before and the rocket motor that launches the seat was much larger.  I dont think this rocket could have launched a seat.

  Photo 1 :  The object in question is the horizontal cylinder in about the middle of the picture.  Nozzle pointed down.

  Photo 2 :  Same item but this time a head on shot of the nozzle, which appears to have been fired.

  Photo 3 :  Overall shot of what the cylinder is mounted to.  Note parachute straps in the upper left.

  Photo 4 :  This braided hose was attached to the device.

  Anybody know what this is?


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