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Mavic 2 Zoom drone footage of wreckage of Beech BE-19A airplane, tail number N6142N, in the Waianae Mountain Range, Oahu, Hawaii. Recorded 2/23/19.

A good example of using a drone to explore a known location remote crash site. 


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Great recon tool! I need one.

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I wonder how long the wait was for a windless day like that in Hawaii; notice the complete lack of movement in the trees. Looks like maybe the drone was a zoom equipped Mavic which would be the cat's jammies for wreck chasing. My neighbor has an original Mavic and has had it 4 miles away and still had a bit of loiter time whereas my P3P checks the gas gauge and turns tail for home at 3.4 miles, landing with maybe 10% left in the battery. This range is dramatically shortened by high winds. I can remember camping for a month on Kauai and having a 15 knot wind in my face no matter which direction I was riding my bicycle....
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