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Drone Crash Database

Link: http://dronewars.net/drone-crash-database/

Drone Wars UK began compiling details of military drone crashes in 2010. Our database cover crashes of large (Class II and III) military drones since 01 Jan 2007. It has been compiled from USAF Accident Investigation Board (AIB) Reports, the Wikileaks War Logs, The Washington Post US drone crash database and reports from the general and military press.

Although we always have more than one source for details of a crash we only link to one source, generally the first that reported the crash.

This list is almost certainly not complete. If you know of any other large drone crashes not mentioned please let us know.

For an analysis of drone crashes (written in February 2015) see ‘What 200 military drone crashes tells us about the drone wars

See also Craig Whitlock’s excellent 3-part series When Drones Fall from the Sky in the Washington Post (published June 2014).

One source says there were 52 Drone crashes in the USA. 

Reaper crash.jpg 

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