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During my recent visit to England, I stopped in Postbridge, a small hamlet in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. There, I ran across a book by Graham Lewis called "Wings Over Dartmoor: Military Aircraft Crashes on Dartmoor 1939-1966." It included the story of a German Luftwaffe Junkers Ju88A-5 (Werk Nr. 5213, fuselage code 7T+AH) that crashed in the early morning hours of May 19, 1941, following strikes against shipping in the Irish Sea.

The bomber had taken at least one .303 anti-aircraft round through the tail, but whether other hits caused sufficient damage to down the plane is unknown. Whatever the case, the bomber struck the 1,200-foot peak of Leather Tor, shearing off the ventral cannon fairing and both propellers. The stricken craft continued for nearly half a mile before crashing and burning just north of the perimeter road encircling Burrator Reservoir. All four crewmen perished.

Lewis' book contains an excellent archival photo of British troops guarding the wreckage, with the road, reservoir, and Sheeps Tor in the background. Since I was already planning to visit the Burrator Reservoir, trailhead for the Bronze Age stone circle at Kingston Hill, I decided to look for the Ju88 crash site. I was able to easily line up the photo with the local terrain features. Pinpointing the site necessitated a walk through a mushy bog with deep muddy turf and lots of flowing and standing water. Once everything lined up just right, I noticed a few pieces of burnt wood protruding from the bog but saw no obvious aircraft debris. Finding anything now would require a metal detector, the use of which is prohibited within the park boundaries.

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Cool, nice photo line ups
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