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And I don't doubt it...     [smile]

Do you know which F-111 he was in?   What movie set?

--> Chris B.

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I am pretty sure it was a later model, probably not the A.  I don't know which movie set it was, but the story is that they blew all the windows out of the mobile trailers and scared away all of the "set" livestock for the movie.  The onsite personnel called people until word got back to the base commander, who then questioned Pellequin and his right seater about the issue.  I don't know what happened to them, but Pellequin was basically bulletproof because he was an Aussie and all the Americans could do to him was to send him back.  Supposedly this was the issue that created an Air Force reg prohibiting overflights of National Parks below 5,000 ft AGL.  Pellequin was also known for doing a massive zippo at 20,000 ft or so right after hitting a tanker for training.  Word got back to base authorities after that one too.  My Dad said it was a real crowd pleaser beacause he dumped fuel for a while before lighting it off.

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Brings back memories. I worked on the Edwards bombing range as an Air Force E-4. On the Monday after the crash, I was with a team of range operators at the site as was Darryl.  You can see our AF truck in a picture. Darryl was upbeat and briefing officials on the good eject and chute opening.  Think he was glad to be alive.  Remember the 75 foot trench the 104 carved in its shallow descent and the nice paint job. The nose section and cockpit was separated but relatively intact. Here are the coordinates of the site, 34.907855, -117.748829. This should be within 200 feet of the site. Thanks for the article!

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That's awesome. Can you imagine the shock wave he dragged through the valley! 
http://www.thexhunters.com - Searching for the lost aircraft of Edwards AFB

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  When my Dad was in the Air Force in the 70's, ... Supposedly this was the issue that created an Air Force reg prohibiting overflights of National Parks below 5,000 ft AGL

  Death valley was not established as a national park until 1994.

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