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The presentation Paxton and I did yesterday went great! There were about 45 people there, and I talked and took questions for about an hour, we were scheduled for 30 to 45 minutes, but people kept wanting to know more. We then sat down and people came up and talked to us for about 30 minutes more, plus they got a look at some of the things we brought, including some pieces we removed from the site. The historical guild is going to set these up in a display with some of the large format prints we did.

20170315_202009 copy.jpg 

Here I am showing some of the information in our binder to some of the attendees after the talk. Several people were very familiar with the trail that bisects the crash site in the hills. Also, one witness was there! He was three years old when his dad brought them to the crash site near 73 Alexander Avenue after fires were put out. He said he didn't remember everything, but there was metal/debris all over the place, and nothing that looked like an airplane.

We also managed to talk about the other two crash sites on San Bruno Mountain, the private plane that had a forced landing in 1933 in which one of the three people on board later died, and Major Hulett's crash, of another P-39Q, just like the two in Daly City on 12/5/1943, although his was earlier that same year on 7/17/1943. And we talked about a few other local and not so local crash sites and investigations we've been to or been working on. All in all it was a great night.



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Sounds like the event turned out great!
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Sorry I missed it
I'm wreck chasing in Southern California 
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