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Approaching the 31st anniversary of A-26 crash of a variable stability aircraft owned by Calspan and flown by the USAF was found today.  Earlier in the month with information from Walt we were able to find the general area of the site.  Today four of us set out and found it.  This is a very historic crash site for it is the site the only female as either a student or a graduate of any test pilot school was killed.  This was a very remote and hard to get to site, not many people know of the crash or it's location so it has been almost undisturbed for 31 years. Could not have found this without the help of Walt, Tony, Chuck, Matt, Peter, Tom, James, and Scott.

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more information about the company, plane and accident found here.

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 Congratulations on finding the site!! I wish I could have been there but I knew you were going to make it when you showed me the photos last week. Now go and give Carmen her control room and always remember her as you and all future classes pass through there. I know that Pete, Walt and I are all honored to have been any help with assisting your team to bring her memory home

Your Friend,


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Grats on the find.  I wish I could have gone out again but work intercedes.  I've been in International Falls MN on business for the last week so missed a second hike over rocky volcanic hill and dale.  Good hunting.  


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Tony & Walt, 

Couldn't have done it without old pro's like you helping me out, I am figuring this was a little of the Blind Nut Theory.  


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B-26 Invaders had a bad habit of shedding their wings, especially the ones sent to Viet Nam in the 1960's.

I guess Douglas made a mistake when they designed the airplanes wing spar system-strange, because another Douglas product, the DC-3 has (as far as I know) had any wing spar troubles.

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Hello, my father died in this accident. Appreciate you making the effort to find it. If you wouldn't mind, please share the coordinates if you have them. I may want to go there someday. Thank you, Matt -- pls. text 970 456 6430, or email me at msmonaghan at gmail 
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