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Think this could be aircraft?  The butterfly valve.

Has a part number on it, just "655".

Looking for a P-51D in this area (there is also a P-40 and a T-6 in same vicinity).

These parts were sticking out of a deep wash bank.  Burnt aluminum slag.  The butterfly valve.  Also what looks like a burnt wheel or brake with a fluid fitting (just a slice/section of what looks like a burned wheel or brake).

Deep wash, anything else is deeply buried.  I couldn't get to anything else.  No shovel.  

I found two other big pieces of aluminum slag but pic didn't turn out.  

Could be a burned up stolen car or truck too.  Never know.

Chris B.

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 butterfly valve was used on aircraft carburetors
I would say yes it came from aircraft

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I'd be more interested in seeing the "linkage" end of the butterfly valve.  Shaft doesn't look broken on opposite end.  P-40 or P-51 would have multiple (at least 2) throttle bores, and i would think larger than the maybe 2-1/2" your picture shows.  T-6?  I'll have to look ans see if I can come up with anything.
Now the dog...     Dennis

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Here's what I have after way too much time hunting carb pictures (nobody likes to show a view down (up) the throttle bores.
Allison DOWNDRAFT carbs were 2bbl and had 3 screws per throttle plate
RR Merlin had HUGE throttle bores (2BBL), but don't know how many screws (probably 3)
P&W R1340 also had 2 BBL, and again, while I couldn't find a good pic of the plates, it also appears they were much larger.
None of the 3 carbs had a choke plate.  Dennis

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Thanx Dennis!

I hadn't thought about that it was too small.
And I didn't take pics of the shaft ends.

It's out in remote desert. Someone probably burned up a stolen truck a long time ago.
If I dug deeper there might be some bodies...

Thanx again.


PS: the dog had a part stamp that said "SNIFF"

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It was suggested years ago that I get an aluminum sniffing dog.  Unfortunately, all mine does is bark (and eat and poop).  Dennis

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Could there be a more modern crash in the area?  A lot of the valves in the bleed air systems  I worked on (F-4) used butterfly type valves in them.  

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There could be an F-84 or something over there I don't know about. But I didn't find anything else except what was buried in the wash.
Wish I'd had a shovel.
I was nervous the entire time because there was a very loud, crowded beehive about 25 feet away in a tree. Though they didn't bother me and have a million desert flowers out there to keep them busy.
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