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Hello All,

A lady whose father I helped research a B-47 crash sent me another request.  Her father is about to turn 90 and is recalling an incident from the 1950s.

From her email:  "He will be 90 in March and there is another plane that he just keeps asking me about.  It wasn’t a crash.  It was a plane he burned in the jungles of Guam in 1953.  It had severe corrosion on the wings.  The Navy wanted it burned to make sure no one ever tried to put it in the air.  He said it was odd for there to be  PBY-A (had landing gear) on Guam.  He doesn’t know why it was there...I should add that my dad arrived there in March of 1953 and I think he was there until September.  So that is the window of time when the PBY was destroyed.  He also recalled that he 'thinks it was because a typhoon was coming in and they were flying some planes out and moving others around...'”

Anyone know of a PBY-type that was burned on Guam in the early 1950s?

Jeff Wilkinson
Oklahoma Wreckchasing
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