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Just a reminder that this is a research forum and is not personal.

People are allowed to give their opinion based upon what they read/interpret in reports or after viewing a crash site.

EVERYONE’s opinion is valued and board members are not to be denigrated for offering their opinion/information.

Please do not ask for assistance and then attack/be rude to the folks who generously offer opinions/assistance/resources.

I ask that all newbies re-read the pinned post “Website Courtesies, Picture Posting.” The most important take-aways are:

• If you want to bicker, please do not do it here. In using this board you will find that the members are very helpful, are civilized, and know their subject. We are all thankful for everyone's generosity in sharing information and photos. If you're obscene, attack another user, or shill for some company I will remove your post.

Snide comments are not appreciated either.

• This is a private forum and there is no right to "freedom of speech." Note that freedom of speech is only guaranteed when you are speaking about the U.S. government. That said, if a user persists in flaming someone or being argumentative all the time, I reserve the right to ban that person from the board, and have done so in the past.

I ask that you please treat others with respect. Respecting each other is what makes this board so successful.

Thank you for your participation and understanding.


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