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Not directly related to wreckchasing, but the information in this book has proven useful to at least a few research projects for crashed airplanes....

B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service was published in 1997 and I still have a good little supply of them. So, I am making them available for $10 out the door....I'll take care of the shipping and any tax that might be due (U.S. Addresses Only...Overseas addresses please contact me for price). Though some of the material is a bit dated now, there is still much valuable information, particularly in the individual civil aircraft histories presented as an appendix. Each of the hundred-plus civil B-25s from the 1940s to the late 1990s are presented in as much detail as I could dig out of FAA and military and other sources. I know a bunch of guys who still use those histories because I see them presented quite often.

I've made it as easy as possible to order...one click on paypal and you are on your way. A great Christmas stocking stuffer for your wife, I might add.

Check it out right here: http://www.aerovintage.com/b25.htm


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B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service is an outstanding resource, as is Thompson's Final Cut: The Post-War B-17, The Survivors. Both are highly recommended. 

I will add these to a new Resources post I'm working on.

Thanks, Scott!

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Got my copy, thanks!  This morning......

Interested in fire fighters...Arizona especially.

Thanks for the post, I didn't know about this book.  Looks great! 


--> Chris B.

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