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Came a cross these pictures on the web.  Think they were for sale on ebay.  Seller thought it was either Hickam or Clark, but I seriously doubt that.  Picture allegedly originated from a 19th B.G. person.
1.  Tail indicates an E, or possibly an F (I'm not sure on the propellers, but suspect E).  There were no Es or Fs at Clark
2. Lack of a red disc in the center of the star eliminates a Pearl Harbor loss, and I don't think any Es were destroyed in the attack.  As Far as I know, a C caught fire while landing and was the only one destroyed, while another C bellied at Bellows and was used for parts.
3.  While Hickam may have had this type hangar, I only ever saw the arched type hangars used on PNG (maybe I'm wrong here?
This, and the lack of any helmets (either type) make me think it may have been a Stateside accident.
Thoughts?  DennisOriginal-Photo-AAF-B-17-Bomber-Burning-1941-HICKAM.jpg s-l1600 hickam 2.jpg 


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They do not look like Hawaii, It could be anywhere. Standard type of WWII hangar.
I can't read a tail number. 
CraigF might know more. 

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I might be seeing things .. is there a "6" or a "56" on the side of the hangar along the upper windows?

Could it be Hangar 6 or Hangar 56 at Ford Island?


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I actually got it answered on the Aerovintage B-17 site.
It's 412592 (I think).  Happened at Poyote Field, Texas.  apparently was in process for maintenance and something caught fire, which some say was the eventual fate of "Mary Ann" from Air Force.
Here's how it started.
18684843282_f0ac5fbb14_b burning B-17.jpg 
FWIW, the 19th B.G. rotated back to the States and was doing training at Poyote Field, so it all fits together.


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 I was looking the photos over and noticed that the aircraft in the first post is right wing down and the one in the last post is left wing down. I don't think anything is reversed, I can see the crew entry door in all of the shots. Could the right gear have collapsed soon after the bottom photo was taken or are they possibly different aircraft?


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