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Here's one vote for Travis AFB at whatever future date fits best!    And, being local, I'd be willing to help with the work.   Tom Johnson  

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First off I'd like to thank all of you who sent a personal note of thanks for the last conference.  Truly, it was my pleasure to coordinate and host the 2013 event.  This was my third time around as host and I enjoyed meeting some new friends and getting acquainted again with some old ones, especially those Cannucks from up north. 

I have to say the presentations were especially great this year.  It seems we are starting to broaden our horizons into different aspects of aviation archaeology.  I really can't wait to see what the 2014 conference will bring.

As to the location for 2014... Travis sounds like a great idea!  When the Aviation Archaeology and Heritage Association (AAHA) was formed in 2010, it was suggested that we hold the symposium in a different location each year.  While Las Vegas is a pretty darned good venue to hold these conventions, especially since it offers just about year 'round wreckchasing opportunities, we really should explore new venues and keep it interesting.  Travis AFB, rich in history and local wrecks, certainly gets my vote for 2014.  And if Travis security is willing to accommodate our international counterparts then I say let's go for it. 

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