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Is there anyone able to possibly identify these crash site parts? The photos were sent to me from someone living in the Blue Mts. of Washington State. My first thought was maybe a PT-17 Stearman or maybe a PT-19 or PT-22? The part in the guy's hand is a chunk of resin. Dave McCurry 

IMG_1282.jpg IMG_1283.jpg IMG_1295.jpg IMG_1296.jpg IMG_1298.jpg IMG_1300.jpg


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Old aircraft wreckage to be sure.

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I’d say it was not Stearman , most likely general aviation type

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That part in the guy's hand (chunk of resin) looked familiar to me. Looked through some photos and found parts that are almost the same. Looked like they were about the same size, made from a fiberglass looking material, never figured out what they were. The crash site I found them at was the B-24D #42-72894 near Tonopah, Nevada.


Joe Idoni

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Thanks Joe, This site is located in the mountains east of the former WW-2 Walla Walla AAF and I would suspect that it was probably an aircraft associated with that airfield. It doesn't resemble anything that I have seen from a B-24, but there was a U.S. Navy Stearman missing from the nearby Pasco NAS that crashed somewhere in that area. The aluminum looks like something that may have came from an engine cowling, and if someone knows a lot about exhaust stacks, we might be able to narrow it down to at least what type of engine they were used on. I am really interested in figuring this one out for the landowner whom recently found this crash site on his property. I might try to visit the site myself soon.

Dave McCurry

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How does that resin or polymer material always survive impact?!

I wonder if it is an electrical insulation barrier on a magneto or ignition or something.  It's very thick.

Are those bolts on Joe's pieces terminals?

Almost has a wood grain.

Other pieces, I think you have an engine drive gear.  Small radial exhaust stack.  Cowling that started to burn?  Straps for a fuel or oil tank or radio box?

Chris B.
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