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I found an interesting resource for wreck hunting ...

On http://www.airforcehistoryindex.org/
 you search "Air Rescue Reports Western Aerospace".    I ordered the CD for Western Region covering some of 1967.    It's almost 1,400 pages.

Covers Air Force rescue assistance.   Lost aircraft (civil and military).   Some are quite lengthy and many give coordinates ---- see the examples attached.

Most of my reel (31073) is Alaska, including a couple civil aircraft that were never found with detailed search maps.

But it also has military aircraft of every type.   All western states.

You gotta sift through lost hikers, sinking ships, etc.

I was after a Lodestar crash here in Arizona and Luke AFB dispatched an HH-43 to the mountaintop crash.  The coord in the AF SAR report is the same as on the CAP list though ... HA!

I got the CD from AFHRA in two weeks.  (1371 pages, 424 MB)     The dates given in the description are somewhat arbitrary.  My file was 4/67 thru 6/67 but included many from 1/67 thru 9/67.   Most of the downed aircraft reports are telexes.

--> Chris B.

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Interesting, The info could add more to the story of the accident. 

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I was hoping the SAR report for Piper PA28 N4389J would be on this disk, but it isnt on this one.

From this thread:


I noticed several lengthy reports for Still Missing aircraft including Cessna 170 N9201A (Michigan), Lockheed PV-2 N7266C (missing Alaska with 10,000 lbs of fish on board...), and Cessna 172 N3789L (Alaska).

The PV-2 had many maps, see attached example. Most dont have maps, just telexes with search grids and coords if found.

--> Chris B.

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Just some additional information from my archives:

- The Cessna 170 that went missing on 14 Jan 1967 over Lake Michigan was a Civil Air Patrol plane with a crew of three that was searching for a Globe GC1B that went missing on 11 Jan 1967. Neither plane was ever found.

- I could never find anything in the media about the Lockheed PV2 that went missing in AK on 12 June 1967.  This is the first info I heard mentioned about the missing plane (Was it really carrying 10,000 lbs of fish?).

- The Cessna 172 vanished on a flight from Northway to Juneau on 6 Sep 1967 with two men from California. The business flight originated from Van Nuys, CA and the search finally ended on 10 Oct 1967 (Yes, we really did search a lot longer in those days. We just didn't want to give up). This plane has never been found.

My archives say that seven planes vanished in a Alaska between August and September 1967 during an extended period of bad weather. All but two were found by October of that year. This one, and one that vanished across the border in Canada have never been found.
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