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Seversky P-35 crash sites discovered!

While I have been visiting Michigan, I took a trip to investigate a very old mid-air accident that occurred in Northern Michigan near the small town of Tawas. What is the probability of two different families that shared the same event more than 78 years ago are living on the same land and still remember what happened? More amazing is that I was able to discover both crash sites and find artifacts directly related to why the planes crashed.  Furthermore, I was able to document the event with historical photographs. This investigation was filled with exciting discoveries and interesting people. It got my mind off of other issues that I’m currently dealing with.

Please read the attached story “A Tale of Twin Air Crashes in Tawas”.

Note: The story is divided and compressed to be able to post on this web site. 
Combined and higher resolution photo story available upon request, just PM me


Attached Files
pdf A_Tale_of_Twin_Air_Crashes_in_Tawas_Part_1.pdf (890.75 KB, 40 views)
pdf A_Tale_of_Twin_Air_Crashes_in_Tawas_Part_2.pdf (901.24 KB, 30 views)


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Wow some pretty amazing finds in the bunch. Glad you were able to locate both crash sites! I checked all my P-35 photos, but couldn't find any photos of either aircraft before the accident. They could be in the background of some group P-35 photos, but the a/c numbers aren't visible on all the aircraft.



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Wow, a great hunt and story, Dave.
Excellent work as usual.
It's very cool to see those Seversky parts!


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Superb score Dave.  Finding a crash site is one thing, finding a living eyewitness, extremely rare these days, and getting even more rare.  Only the story can be preserved.
During the '80s and '90s, Bob W. tracked down many witnesses and aircrew who were involved in a lot of Florida incidents.  Sadly, many have since passed.
Myself, I was fortunate to have accidentally met the witness to a St Pete mid-air collision.  She lives in my neighborhood and was present when I was talking about the P-39 that crashed here.  Thinking I was talking about the crash she saw, she told her story.  She was suprised to hear there had been other crashes in St Pete.  Bob and I visited the sites of "her" incident back in 2010 and found small fragments remaining at one site, but no discernable remains at the other site (very urban crash sites).  Great work again Dave,   Dennis
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