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Looking forward to the 2016 Wreckchasing Symposium. Information below.

Nicholas A. Veronico http://www.Wreckchasing.com Support this website by purchasing copies of Wreckchasing 101 for yourself or a friend at: http://www.amazon.com Check out my other books at: http://www.amazon.com/author/nicholasveronico

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7th Annual Wreckchasing Symposium slated for September 23-25, 2016

Aviation archaeology and wreckchasing enthusiasts will gather September 23-25, 2016 at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum in Pueblo, Colorado, to discuss historic aircraft accidents, long forgotten airfields and virtually unknown airway beacon sites.  This seventh annual conference is being hosted by the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, and will include many noted speakers from throughout the international aviation archaeology community. 

This event will open - early on Friday - with a full-day's schedule of site visitations along the Arkansas River Valley, followed by an informal social gathering later that evening.*  Then, as in the past, Saturday and Sunday will offer a complete line up of outstanding presentations given by fellow enthusiasts and practitioners. 

Differing from previous events, this year's gathering is going to be open to the general public for the first time.  Whereas in the past we've advertised these meetings exclusively to the aviation archaeology and wreckchasing communities at large, the 2016 Symposium will provide a unique opportunity for all enthusiasts to attend and learn more about this unusual pursuit. 

In addition to welcoming and enlightening others partial to our avocation, vendors will be invited to attend and share information about their products relevant to what we do.  Purveyors of quad-copters, metal detectors, GPS units, and personal field gear, for example, will be enticed to provide displays featuring their wares.  Of course, only the participation and attendance of those experienced in the field will insure the continued success of this annual convention.  (The intent of these changes is not so much to commercialize what we do but, rather, to try and attract new interests and promote responsible site conservation, at the same time.  Commercial sponsorship helps defray the ever increasing costs of renting a facility and all the necessary equipment, along with paying for meals and refreshments.  Contracting with an easily-accessible and affordable venue for our events is becoming more difficult with the passing of each year.)

As an experienced wreckchaser or aviation archaeologist, your support will be vital in making this first-ever public event a real success.  We're not only counting on your attendance, but also your patronage.  Whether you plan to make a presentation or just attend to network and visit with old friends, we need those of you with previous field or research experience to chat with interested first-timers and share your knowledge.**  

Following the example set by the AvAr team in 2013, deserving members of our community will be recognized with distinguished awards in 2016.  Please visit this site frequently for updated information concerning these prestigious awards.
The per-person cost to attend this event is only $30.00.  This includes: unlimited museum access for the weekend; Saturday and Sunday refreshments, as well as lunchtime buffets; participation in all seminars; and an invitation to the Saturday evening awards banquet.

To place your reservation, please contact aviator_b@msn.com and request a PayPal invoice or send a check/money order to: NAIAA at 727 Rodgers Circle, Platteville, Colorado 80651.
Preferred lodging accommodations have been secured for symposium attendees at the rate of only $55.00 per night (plus tax).  When making reservations, tell them you are with the Aviation Archaeology and Heritage Symposium.  Available rooms are limited to a first-come-first-served basis.  Please contact:

Ramada Pueblo
4703 N. Freeway
Pueblo, CO 81008
Other recommended accommodations for Symposium attendees will be forthcoming on this message board. 

Please continue to visit the message board for regular updates concerning this event.
*    Note: Friday's (9/23) field expedition is open only to recognized members of the aviation archaeology community and this Wreckchasing Message Board.

**  Note: We are asking that specific coordinates to historic sites not be shared with those uninitiated.

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I have two interesting presentations; I could give both or one.  The Front Range F-4 (photo recon P-38 WW-II ) and the Lowry AFB B-29 crash (Korean War). How do I sign up?

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If you are interested in making a presentation at the symposium, please contact aviator_b@msn.com for more information.

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This sounds like it will be a great AvAr event with a wider focus than past conferences - and a bit more centrally located in CONUS.  Hopefully the event will once again bring a diverse group of presenters and topics, which ought to attract a larger (younger?) group to get involved in aviation archaeology and history.  Publicity for the program will be the key.  Looking forward to the conference and to Weisbrod - and - to several obscure site visits along the way, before & after the 23-25 dates!  Plenty of aviation history along the Front Range & the El Paso - Pueblo Airway...

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Hi Everyone,

When time permits, visit the website http://www.wreckchasing-symposium.com/
 for this year's symposium in Pueblo, Colorado, over the weekend of September 23/25.  It provides a bit more insight as to who will be speaking, some of the sponsors for this event as well as options for early registration.

We will continue to add speakers, sponsors and event tid-bits as they develop, so be sure to check the website often between now and September.

Of special note is the fact that, on this Wreckchasing Message Board, we list the dates of the Symposium as September 23rd through the 25th, while on the website we advertise the Symposium as being September 24th through the 25th.  That is because the Friday field session is open only to recognized members of our aviation archaeology and wreck-chasing community, previously registered on this website; the general public will be excluded from this special event for security reasons.

We're hoping that everyone throughout the aviation archaeology and wreckchasing community plans to make this the "must attend" event of the year, sharing their knowledge and experience with those who are excited and ready to start into this field.

If you have any questions about the 2016 Symposium, please don't hesitate to contact me at aviator_b@msn.com



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Wanted to get a note of thanks out to Brian Richardson (Lance Barber, Larry Liebrecht, and volunteers from AvAr and the museum) and everyone who volunteered to make the 7th International Wreckchasing Symposium such a great success. Thank you!

Having never been to Pueblo, I was a little hesitant on the idea, but I was very glad I went. The museum was a fantastic venue and its collection of aircraft is quite impressive.

The symposium was top notch. The slate of speakers were very interesting and entertaining, and some of the searches that have gone on are mind-blowing, and quite touching. Lots of emotion and great work taking relatives to crash sites and/or returning personal effects to families. Thanks to each of the speakers for generously giving of their time and their willingness to share stories and photos of their expeditions.

I also appreciate the opportunity to present my latest research.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Nicholas A. Veronico http://www.Wreckchasing.com Support this website by purchasing copies of Wreckchasing 101 for yourself or a friend at: http://www.amazon.com Check out my other books at: http://www.amazon.com/author/nicholasveronico

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I would like to thank Brian, Lance, Larry and all the others who made the 2016 Symposium possible. This was an outstanding session with great field trips. The venue was fantastic and the Weisbroad Museum was really a good museum. The fact that we could go inside the aircraft was great. Thanks again and the food added to the experience.

Dave Mihalik

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I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the 7th International Wreckchasing Symposium in Pueblo, Colorado.  I hope to recognize everyone here, but if I somehow miss you, please let me know. 

Over the weekend of September 23-25, 2016, current members of the aviation archaeology community and interested attendees travelled to the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum, in a remote part of South-Central Colorado.  They were treated to private field site investigations, exclusive after-hours social gatherings, interesting and educational presentations, as well as unlimited access to museum-quality aircraft displays. 

Of the 52 pre-registered attendees, 44 checked in and we had 8 walk-ins throughout the weekend.  While not quite the turnout we had hoped for, this was still the largest gathering since Nick and Betty Veronico began this annual tradition in 2009.

Speaking at this symposium were arguably some of the most prominent aviation archaeologists, explorers, historians, and wreckchasers in the world.  Few will argue that the projects represented, ranging from the Arctic, Pacific, North America, and Russia, don't present an international front.

The cost of attendance was kept to a minimum this year in an effort to attract outsiders; those potential members of our community who were previously unaware of such organized activities, but interested nonetheless. 

Our sponsors included:

The North American Institute of Aviation Archaeology (NAIAA)

The Colorado Aviation Historical Society (CAHS)     

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR)

The Colorado Pilots Association (CPA)

The Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum (PWAM)

Launch Pad Brewery

United Rentals


Pueblo Ramada Inn

Flight Journal Magazine

General Aviation News

The Kevin A. McGregor Family

Attendees enjoyed two full days of presentations covering topics such as crash sites, abandoned airfields, forgotten airway navigation facilities, and new technologies.  I'd like to thank our line-up of phenomenal speakers: Ric Gillespie, Dr. Tom King, Walt Holm, Tom Johnson, Jim Koehler, Ernie Leroy, Larry Liebrecht, G. Pat Macha, Mike McComb, Ron Miller, Bil Thuma, Nick Veronico, and Robert Henderson.  Although not on the schedule, we were treated to a surprise guest speaker from Russia, Mr. Sergey Insarov, world champion skydiver and Arctic explorer, who spoke about North American and Russian cooperation in the polar search for the Levanevsky N-209.  He also brought some great vodka with him so that everyone could enjoy a toast to d├ętente.   

The authors who attended made their books available for purchase and provided autographs, which were greatly appreciated by everyone.  These were: Jim Koehler, G. Pat Macha, Anthony J. Mireles, Dr. Tom King, and Nick Veronico.  This was indeed a special treat for everyone wanting a copy of these impressive volumes.  I even brought some of my previously purchased books just to get the authors to sign them.
Finally, I'd like to recognize those folks who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this event a success: Lance Barber, Ernie Leroy, Shawn Kirscht, Richard Woods, Robert Rushforth, Dave McChord, and Larry Liebrecht.  A special thanks goes to Don Blehm, president of PWAM for going out of his way to provide us with every courtesy possible, not the least of which was unlimited access to the museum, and also to Mack Novasod, event coordinator at PWAM who busted his hump to make sure that we had daily refreshments and delicious catering throughout the weekend.  Last, but certainly not least, a mighty thanks to David Seniw of AvAr, who travelled several hundred miles on Thursday to inspect the field sites, set-up seating and tables, put together the ginormous grill for the Saturday night barbecue, cooked on Saturday night, did most all of the clean-up on Monday morning, and pretty much made sure that everything went off without a hitch throughout the weekend.  Oh, and he never complained once about my speeds in excess of 90 mph on back-country roads.  Thank you, Dave.   

The 2017 International Wreckchasing Symposium will be hosted by Dave McCurry in Pasco, Washington, over the weekend of May 20/21.  Please check the Wreckchasing Message Board for information and important updates.  Pasco is serviced by major air carriers.  

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