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We visited some fantastic sites Craig had picked for us around Las Vegas. Hopefully we can do the Aviation Archaeology Conference like this again. The rental house worked out well and made the gathering have a small and intimate feel.



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Just curious on how the conference was this year. What sites were visited, how was the attendance? I am sorry I missed it the agenda looked great

Looking forward to Colorado in 2016



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Las Vegas 2015


Stayed at rental house in Las Vegas 


Day one:

Went out by Hoover Dam and looked for two F-86's. One from 1952 and one from 1955.

Ralph, Craig, Steve, Joe and Ken


Day two:

F-4 KingstonRange.

Ralph, Craig, Joe, Robb and Ken.


Day three:


Craig, Joe, Steve and Ken


Day four:

Boyd's F-100

Craig, Travis, Robb and Ken.


Day five:

Arrows and airway beacons.

Craig, Tom and Ken.


Day six:

F-4 that collided with an F-106. 

Craig, Steve, Mike, Robb and Ken.




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Wow that's great thanks for the update the airway beacons and arrows sounds interesting

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Since there has been interest expressed in Friday's excursion, here's a brief summary.  Thanks to Craig for driving and the use of his very-capable truck.  Ken Potter was the third member of our beacon hunting team NE of Las Vegas.  We went to:
(1) Mormon Mesa Intermediate Field, site of LA-SL Beacon 31B.  Had a survey mark so we knew the exact beacon site but the only confirming evidence we found were some beacon bulb bases.  There was the footer of an airfield building.  See photo IMG_0500. 
(2) A concrete arrow at the site of LA-SL first-Beacon 32.  This was on the original airway alignment through St. George, Utah before the airway was moved to a more direct alignment to Enterprise and Milford, Utah.  The arrow was in relatively good shape.  IMG_0504 & IMG_0507. 
(3) The (barely) surviving power shed of second-Beacon 32 on the later alignment.  The arrangement of the motor/generator mounting blocks was unusual.  Apparently the motor/generators (Kohler or similar units) faced 180-degree opposite directions.  This may be seen in the attached photo.  IMG_0508. 
(4) The mountain-top site of second-Beacon 32 about 500 feet above the power shed.  It was an easy drive up as the FAA has a current radio/relay facility and a good trail to the summit.  No artifacts of the beacon at the summit, however.  (No photos). 
(5) The concrete arrow associated with Beacon 31A, a short easy drive from Interstate 15.  This was an unusual beacon and arrow site as the beacon was on a hilltop where there are multiple radio towers today.  The arrow is near the bottom of the hill, rather like a separate pointer for pilots.  I believe there was never a tower at the arrow as there is no angle iron at the corners of the tower platform where the legs would usually be found.  IMG_0523  
A good day!  Thanks for planning this Craig.  IMG_0523 Arrow for LA-SL Bcn 31A.JPG 


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The text of my reply came through OK but, apparently, only the last (IMG_0523) of 7 photos that I thought I was attaching.  Unless I don;t know how to open the first six?!  Any ideas? 

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If you want all the photos to appear under the message, after each photo insert a space.
Or just attach them to the message  
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